Game Development

The Evolution of Draefus

1. The MAL version

The MAL version was the starting point this is basically what was handed to us, to work on, Notice the Negative\Positive tiles visualized as red and blue and the bigger tiles as X, there are also Positive Negative Boards. A Trash bin to get rid of excessive tiles and information bar that would give you hints when clicked on at the top right corner of the scene and the equation bar right below the board…

2. The Tutorial Chapter

We then started evolving the tutorial chapter, there was the introduction of a new story, and new characters and a few design elements namely the negative board missing and the first design of “Draefus” the dragon, but the game still looked essentially the same.

3. Gamification

After implementing the tutorial chapter, we did an evaluation and got a lot of feedback so there were big design changes, like dividing the board in to two separate boards, the introduction of new levels with different creatures and the time rifts, the overworld scene where you could choose the levels. Here is a shot of the start scene.

Below is a shot from the overworld scene. Buttons to the unlocked levels are displayed in color and the disabled (grey) button for the unlocked levels, the settings button and the briefcase, containing achievements that can be unlocked while playing.

Here is a shot from a fairy phase, notice the different sides of the equation, the Portal, the text board, “Draefus” holding a board (what you see on the board would be visible on the tangible). The pause button guiding you to settings and the main menu And finally the scoring system.

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